Senior Lead Officer Program

 Senior Lead Officer Program 

[ from PPD website – for flyer w/more info, CLICK:  SLO Handout -PDF ]

James E. Craig
Chief of Police

Introducing the Senior Lead Officer Program

As your new Chief of Police, I have been focused on some key strategies that will work to enhance the existing community policing efforts in Portland. One of these is the Senior Lead Officer (SLO) program. Officers will be assigned to neighborhood sectors and will work closely with you, local businesses, and their fellow officers to enhance problem solving. In addition to answering calls for police service, these officers will attend meetings, collaborate with fellow officers, and work with the community policing coordinators to streamline efforts in their geographically assigned areas.

Charles D. Libby – Bio
Community Services Sergeant
Contact 233-1795
Years with PPD: 15

Sergeant Charles Libby has been selected as our Community Services Sergeant to provide overall management of our community policing enhancements. In addition to working closely with you, Chuck will help coordinate our Community Policing Advisory Board (CPAB) and will provide functional supervision of the Senior Lead Officers and the Youth Services Officer. Chuck came to the Portland Police Department in August of 1994 and was promoted to the position of sergeant in July of 2005.  Most recently, he has been working as a supervisor in our Directed Patrol unit.

These are exciting times and I look forward to working with all Portland residents as we start this initiative.

[ Senior Lead Officer – SECTOR MAP ]  Click on your Neighborhood to meet your lead officer.   Plus Youth Services Officer

PPD SLO MAP - Senior Lead Officer Program


10/9/2009 – NEWS RELEASE
City of Portland
389 Congress Street
Portland, Maine 04101
CONTACT: Nicole Clegg, 207-756-8173, 207-272-4477 (cell)

October 9, 2009

Portland Police Chief Craig Unveils New Initiatives for Community Policing
Officers appointed to handle seven sections of the city

PORTLAND, Maine: At a press conference today, Portland Police Chief James Craig unveiled the department’s new Senior Lead Officer initiative and introduced the officers selected to represent seven designated sections of the city. This initiative is designed to help the department achieve its overall goal of improving its relationship with neighborhoods within the city as well as enhance policing and response by patrol. The selected officers voiced their enthusiasm for the opportunity to establish a closer relationship with their designated neighborhoods as well the opportunity to

“The creation of the Senior Lead Officer initiative as well as the other positions announced today will help the city’s Police Department reach out and connect with neighborhoods street by street,” stated Chief Craig. “The city is very lucky to have such a talented group of sworn officers anxious and excited to take on more responsibility in order to better serve the city. Neighborhoods will now have a face, name and number they can talk to about concerns or issues they are facing. This connection and opportunity to build partnerships is going to profoundly help us protect and serve everyone that calls Portland home.”

Officer Gayle Petty was assigned Sector One, which includes the East End and Eat Bayside neighborhoods. A fifteen year veteran with the department, Petty has been a longtime advocate for community policing even serving as a volunteer in the Parkside Community Policing Station before becoming a police officer. Petty is also known for her photography some of which was featured in the Police Department’s 2009 Poetry Calendar.

Assigned to Sector Two, Officer Daniel Knight will be charged with sections of Portland’s downtown and Bayside neighborhoods. A twenty-one year veteran with the department, Knight is well known for his commitment to community policing including the receipt of a legislative proclamation for his dedication and devotion to Portland’s neighborhoods. He has received a number of awards including the department’s Award for Heroism for leading several people to safety from a burning building and the Award for Bravery for disarming an individual who was threatening to injure himself and others.

Officer Jeff Hawkins was assigned Sector Three, which is predominately Portland’s downtown. With the department for ten years, he has years of experience in the Old Port as a patrol officer and working foot beats. In his off-duty time, Hawkins enjoys traveling and has lived overseas. Recently he traveled to Peru to hike Machu Picchu.

Assigned to Sector Four, which encompasses the West End and Parkside neighborhoods, Officer Karl Geib has been with the department for twenty-six years. A well-known face on the bicycle patrol, he has logged thousands of miles riding throughout the city. Geib is working towards his Master’s degree in School Guidance and has spent years working with students in the Portland Public Schools.

Officer Tim Farris was assigned to Sector Five, which includes Libbytown, Deering Center and Woodfords/Oakdale. With the department for more than ten years, Farris started the department’s first Explorer Post with great success this past summer. He is well-known for being civic minded with close ties to the neighborhoods he will be serving.

Assigned to Sector Six, which includes East Deering, Back Cove, and Riverton, Officer Andjelko Napijalo has been with the department for five years. A native of Croatia, he fled his hometown and resettled in Serbia before coming to the US in 1999. Napijalo became an American citizen in order to become a police officer and has been incredibly committed to the department during his tenure.

Officer Rob Lauterbach was assigned to Sector Seven which covers Peaks Island. Lauterbach joined the department in 2004 after serving as an officer with the New York Police Department. Attracted to the quality of life in Portland, Lauterbach decided to relocate to Maine and is excited to be a part of the Senior Lead Program.

In addition to the Senior Lead Officers, Chief Craig announced the appointments for two new positions, the Community Services Sergeant and Youth Services Officer. The Community Services Sergeant, Charles Libby, is charged with managing the department’s community policing efforts. Libby is responsible for developing and promoting community relations programs designed to foster mutual trust and respect between the department and the city. Sergeant Libby is expected to evaluate patrol operations and policies related to neighborhood policing and make appropriate recommendations to the command staff.

Officer Raymond Ruby was appointed Youth Services Officer and will coordinate efforts such as the Police Athletic League and Explorer program, which are designed to enhance and improve the department’s relationship with Portland’s youth. Ruby has been with the department since 2005 and is known both for his natural athletic ability and commitment to kids. In addition to his off-duty pursuits, most recently swimming in the Peaks to Portland race, he has been actively involved in coordinating the Police Athletic League. He also started the Shop with Cops program, which pairs children with officers to shop for the family during the holiday season, and volunteers at local schools and at the Barbara Bush wing of Maine Medical Center.

During the press conference, Chief Craig also detailed other initiatives recently adopted that are designed to improve the quality of the work for the department, including new scheduling to enhance staffing levels during peaks service hours and updated uniforms for the officers.

Handout for Senior Lead Program


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